Payment methods

Creating a payment method so your customers will know how to pay for the goods during checkout

You will need to setup a delivery methods AND a payment method so that you can sell on our marketplace.

In this section I will go over how to setup a payment method, how to set up delivery methods has been covered in the previous section.

The page you see at the onboarding process, shown below is actually the exact same page you would see in your payment methods configuration page.


Similar to the delivery method, during the creation of a payment method, you are required to input the name, the price including VAT (if this payment method is free, just leave it as 0).

Note: We have 3 localized languages available on our marketplace. You are required to fill in at least the name of the delivery option in English and have the option to add a Czech and/or Vietnamese translation as well.

You will be not only able to set a price for the specific payment option but also a minimum order amount in the buyer's basket before that option becomes available to them.

When you link delivery methods to a specific payment method you will allow the buyer to select this payment options during their checkout only when they select these linked delivery methods.

For example, by linking Paid on Invoice (Net 60) payment method to Nulisec delivery delivery method, the buyer will be able to choose to pay on invoice when selecting Nulisec delivery at the checkout.

If you've created this payment method already and didn't link any delivery methods to it, but then during the delivery method creation you linked this payment method there, you will no longer have to go back to link it again.

Additional features allow you to customize the payment method so that it fits your specific needs;

Enable: will allow the buyers to be able to see this option during their checkout

Price will be calculated: gives you the flexibility to determine the price after you fulfil the order this is useful for situations where the price varies based on the choice of payment they select

Apply to an order as an ordered item: will add an additional item line to the bottom of the order labelled as this specific payment method increasing the value of the order