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The comprehensive guide, tutorials, and tips on how to excel at ordering goods for your business with the Nulisec marketplace

Welcome to Nulisec!

I'm Lukas Pham and it's my job to make sure you'll have the best resources at your disposal to answer all your questions about the different functions and features you'll find in the Nulisec marketplace.

Here, you will be able to find guides, tutorials, tips & tricks to everything you will see in our marketplace.

B2B Wholesale Marketplace for European FMCGs

If you’re new to Nulisec's website it can be overwhelming to use at first. Here are some of the main areas to become accustomed to so you can navigate through the marketplace with ease.

We are quite different from the other marketplaces because we optimize for the speed of ordering & reordering across languages and cultures. Our mission is to make the best European manufacturers more accessible to the global market and create tools that will help them excel in online trade.

It's definitely not our goal to just generate leads for the sellers.

As a result, you will find a number of functions and features that we have designed specifically to enhance the efficiency when looking for new connections and increase the speed of ordering that you have never experienced before.


Our documentation is be divided into two different sections; one for everything related to buying and the other related to selling on our marketplace. This will help you quickly search for the relevant information quickly.


Our company culture is built upon three core principles and one of the cardinal principles is to be a friend. You will get to experience that firsthand with the tone and content of this documentation.

I hope you'll enjoy reading the materials I have prepared for you and that you will find it useful in maximizing the value you get from using our marketplace.