Product picture upload
How to upload pictures, nice & fast
Regardless, if you already have an online distribution or this is your first experience selling online.
If you're with Nulisec, you probably want to build a brand known for providing great support to your distribution partners, high quality products and competitive prices that enables healthy margins and long-term cooperation.
Our mission is to be the best platform for you to bring your brand to the global stage. Strengthening your brand recognition and giving businesses the ability to provide your products to their local communities.
One of the best ways to help us achieve this goal, is to upload high quality product pictures for each individual item you want to present on the marketplace.
A picture sells a thousand bucks - Lukas P., 2019
We've heard a variation of this phrase a thousand times but what does it even mean you ask?
  • Clearly shows the product that you are trying to sell in its entirety
  • The product displayed in the picture should be centred
  • 1 picture to represent 1 product (do NOT try to put many products in 1 picture)
  • Contrast the product with the background color so the product stands out
  • Avoid placing URLs and web links on the product image, that goes against the Nulisec policy

The real question is; how do you upload pictures?

We've built 4 very easy methods for you to upload your product pictures.
The obvious method is to go into the Products section and select a product you wish to upload pictures to. Once inside, find the Photos accordion and drag your pictures into the box.
Fig. 1 Uploading a product picture by hand
This method works well if you have a product that has had their picture updated or you need to add 1 new picture into a specific product.
We've also noticed that many of our users tend to upload product images from the web, based on matching EAN barcodes or product names.
This is why we have built the browse the web function directly into the product photos accordion. You'll see it being used in the Fig. 2 below.
Fig. 2 Uploading product pictures using Search Images
If you're using a product that has images publicly available on the web then this method makes it relatively easy and you won't have to worry about downloading and uploading stuff onto the marketplace.
However, these methods are rather slow if you plan on uploading pictures to more than just 1 product.
Another method with which you will be able to upload product pictures to multiple products at once is using the Google Sheets importer.
So we have implemented 1 more methods with which you can quickly upload multiple product pictures to many different products at once.
Fig. 2 Mass uploading products based on an identifier
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