Partner in Pet Food chooses Nulisec to power their online wholesale
Partner in Pet Food (PPF), one of the top European companies known for offering a large range of private brands and a flexible capacity to produce white-label pet food products has decided to power their wholesale business with Nulisec.


PPF is a great example of a company whose mission is evident in every aspect of their business. On a mission to continuously innovate not just their product offering and services but also in how they best serve their customers. That's why it comes as no surprise, that in 2018, their sales team decided to use Nulisec to power their wholesale, bringing their signature private brands to hundreds of wholesalers across the Czech Republic.

"The Nulisec marketplace makes our selling processes more efficient by standardizing the format in which incoming wholesale orders are received. This has helped us minimize mistakes and reduced the number of refunds & returns requested by our customers."

Partner in Pet Food


For the majority of businesses and their sales managers, the idea of digitizing parts of their wholesale processes and moving them online is still an unimaginable task. Some doubt the effectiveness and the added value of additional (digital) sales methods and others don't believe they will be able to teach an old dog new tricks. Essentially, not being able to add a new sales channel to their established internal processes.
To those businesses, we say; "take a look at Partner in Pet Food as an example of a company that leveraged this new online sales channel and turned it into a better service offering to their new and existing customers."

"A centralized online platform, like Nulisec, gave us the tools we needed to easily work the visibility of products that would be shown to each of our business partners. And not just SKU (data), but we are also able to instantly share changes in logistics information, seasonal offerings and business terms & conditions with our B2B customers.

Acquiring new business that was previously difficult to find has become much easier. On top of that, we're able to quickly start a business relationship and later on easily communicate with those partners via this platform."

Partner in Pet Food

What is Nulisec?

Nulisec aims to make online wholesale more efficient. The industry-specific marketplace creates a new sales channel for businesses that are looking to digitize parts of their wholesale processes. We designed the entire marketplace from scratch to convert complex and tedious offline B2B sale processes into simple digital features. Removing inefficiencies but would still meet all the requirements of the suppliers and the buyers. That's why launching a new sales channel on Nulisec doesn't take months but only a couple of hours.

"We have great experience with the product and the Nulisec team. We appreciate their support and quick response to our inquiries. Still, the most important factor is the undeniable increase in the company revenue through the sales of goods via the marketplace."

Pavel Holeček, Key Account Manager, Partner in Pet Food
We're very proud to share the success stories of our supplier partners such as Partner in Pet Food. Our marketplace was designed to make it easy for brands and suppliers to establish their online presence and power their wholesale business with a modern sales channel. Our mission has always been to make high-quality brands and makers more accessible to the world.
That's why it is important to us that our suppliers not only find new business partners on the marketplace but ultimately to increase their sales via online wholesale.
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