Price levels & Pricing policy
Your customers demand individualized prices!

Does your company offer customer individualized prices?

It's normal for your business partners to demand personalized treatment, such as special prices and exclusive distribution rights.
Not approaching each buyer individually means you lose on potential margin gains and there is a big chance you will lose out on many smaller customers.
However, giving each buyer individualized prices means you will have to keep track of different price levels, which is difficult to synchronize across all your sales channels. Then, you have to worry about keeping price information confidential to not damage your existing relationships.
Only a few suppliers do this effectively, and the rest miss out on opportunities to bring the most value to their customers and maximize their earning potential.

An individualized shopping experience is now a requirement to succeed in the digital age.

We know this.
So do you. That's why, it is a no brainer that we have built multiple price levels directly into the marketplace and embedded price level requesting directly into the system.

Price levels

First step in creating individualized prices is to setup price levels. You will be able to set them up only if you have selected to have a store mode that allows users to place orders via Nulisec.
We've placed the price levels and their setup in the sales configuration tab on the left hand side inside your administration.
You'll notice a few fields that you can enter in order to create your desired price level.
  1. 1.
    The name of the price level - only visible to you and is the only thing that is required while the rest is optional
  2. 2.
    The MOV that's required before the user with this given price level will be able to checkout their order
  3. 3.
    The MOQ that's required before the user with this price level will be able to checkout their order
  4. 4.
    An option to have quantity discounts associated with that price level
  5. 5.
    An option to make this price level informative only and the user with this price level given to them will not be able to make orders (usually these are used for Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price and are selected as public prices)
  6. 6.
    An option to enable the prices, making them assignable.
With these 6 customizations, you will be able to create practically any price levels that you are already used to giving to your customers in the offline business processes.
You will need at least 1 price level to be set up before you can import products and attaching their prices to the given price level. This means that without at least 1 price level created, you will not be able to import product prices onto your store.
Once your price level has been created, you may choose to set one of them as a public price level, meaning prices that are categorized in those price levels will be visible to any verified user on our marketplace.

The What and the How of Price Requests

Any time a user wants do business with you, they will request a price level to be assigned to them. You will then receive an email that looks like the one below.
You will be able to see who the potential customer is by simply clicking on the button in the middle of the email. This will take you to the price request from that given customer. Although you will have to login and confirm your password for security purposes.
You will be able to assign this potential customer their own individualized prices (price level) or decline their request without having to write a single rejection email.

Approving price requests

Aside from entering the price requests page through the email button shown above, you will also be able to see price requests in the Admin side inside Price Requests page under the Sales Panel section on the left.
When you click on the small arrow pointing right. You will enter the individual price requests with the customer details neatly outlined in the middle and options to Approve or Decline the request.
If you wish to Approve the request, you will be asked to assign this user their price level, so they may become your customer. They will be notified via email about your decision and once they log into the marketplace, they will be able to see product prices from that price level you just assigned to them.
Don't forget to submit the selected price level by clicking the blue Save button.

Declining price inquiries

On the other hand, if you do not wish to assign the user any other price level. You may also decline the request, by simply clicking on the Decline option.
The Decline option is right under the Approve option.
You will be asked to select one of the reasons why you are declining the request for a price level from a dropdown menu. This allows us to translate your decision into the language that the user prefers so you won't have to try and translate the decline message into the local language of your potential customer.
Once the decline message has been chosen, you will send it by clicking on the blue Save button below the dropdown menu.
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