Product Uploads pt. 2
I want to start selling on Nulisec pt. 2
Welcome to the 2nd part of the two part guide on how to upload products onto the Nulisec marketplace!
If you haven't already, you should go through the 1st part: Product Uploads pt. 1 where I go over the product import wizard and how to upload products manually.

Importing more than 200 SKUs into Nulisec

Once you select the number of products you want to upload, you will be asked to specify if you already have your product information stored somewhere, for example, on a web store, inside an ERP system or just in an excel sheet.
Fig. 1 Product Import, Step 7 in the Nulisec seller onboarding process
We will walk you through each individual method of uploading products based on your preferred choice in the different sections below.
Fig. 2 Product Import method suggestion
You won't have to worry too much about uploading products at this point because we will help you upload the products onto your store. However, after we hand over the store to you, you will be able to continuously add and remove products as you wish using the same method we have implemented for you or any other method you will find in the marketplace.
We will now separate each section into multiple pages to make it easy for you to navigate and to read through the material for the various methods with which you will be able to upload your products and start selling.
Once, you are done uploading your product cards then you can check out our Product picture upload page.
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