Product Uploads pt. 1
I want to start selling on Nulisec pt.1
Welcome to the 1st part of the two part guide on how to upload products onto the Nulisec marketplace!
I will introduce the product importing features and then go into details about how to import products manually. In the next part, I will introduce bulk importing features and automations.
This guide is only recommended to suppliers who wish to upload up to 20 SKUs at a time onto their store. For the suppliers that would want to upload more than 20 SKUs at a time, we recommend heading over to the 2nd part called: Product Uploads pt. 2

Product Import

Once you get to the 7th step in the onboarding process, you will see the product import stage.
Step 7 in the Nulisec seller onboarding process
Here you will be welcomed by a wizard that will recommend the best method with which you can upload your products.
We have multiple methods of importing products available for our sellers, each designed to make it the most efficient for you, regardless of how many products (or SKUs) you are planning on uploading.
We are aware that for some sellers this is their first experience selling online, ever. That's why we have also integrated directly with Google Sheets to make uploading products just as easy as sending over an Excel Sheet. For others, there are XML imports, CSV imports and a bunch of others.
Don't worry, you will have access to every single method of upload after you are onboarded.

A combination of number of products and technological capabilities

If you plan on uploading up to 20 SKUs

Our onboarding wizard will recommend to upload products manually, in the administration window and the store management section.
Products page in the Store Management section in your Admin side
In the Add Product page, you will be asked to fill in at least:
  • The product Name
  • The Catalogue Number, usually this is known as the stock keeping unit number... or..
  • ...yes, I said, Or...The Barcode, can also be referred to as the EAN code in the EU
  • The VAT rate, in some EU countries this is 18%, 19%, 21% etc
It is highly recommended that you also put in product descriptions because it will help your product become more easily discoverable by potential buyers.
Don't worry about uploading product pictures at this stage, yet. We've made a separate guide for uploading product pictures which will save you so much time!

If you plan on uploading up to 200 SKUs follow the instructions on the I want to start selling on Nulisec part 2

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