Delivery Method
Creating your delivery methods so that customers can checkout your orders
You will need to setup at least one delivery method AND one payment method so that you can sell on our marketplace.
First, I will go over how to setup delivery methods with this guide and then I will cover how to setup payment methods in the next chapter.

At Nulisec, we made sure that delivery options on our marketplace reflect the delivery options that you have available for your customers offline.

You will notice that in order for you to create a delivery method, you will be required to at least give the delivery method a name (which will be visible to the customer), a price and a minimum order value (both of which can be 0 (zero)). Without these completed fields, your customers wouldn't be able to select the delivery method you are trying to create.
Note: All you have to do is type in the name of the specific delivery method you're creating. We will handle the rest.
You will be not only able to set a price for the specific delivery option but also a minimum order amount in the buyer's basket before that option becomes available to them.
When you link payment methods to a specific delivery option you will allow the buyer to select those specific payment options during their checkout only when they select this specific delivery option. For example, by linking Paid on Invoice (Net 60) payment method to Nulisec delivery method, the buyer will be able to choose to pay on the invoice only when selecting Nulisec delivery at the checkout.
Additional features allow you to customize the delivery method so that it fits your specific needs;
Enable: will allow the buyers to be able to see this option during their checkout
Needs shipping address: picking up the goods at your warehouse is also a delivery method, for this method you will not need to require the user to input their address
Variable: gives you the flexibility to determine the price after you fulfill the order this is useful for situations where the price varies based on weight or distance
Apply to order as an ordered item: will add an additional item line to the bottom of the order labeled as this specific delivery method increasing the value of the order
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