Creating a store
Guide from nulisec page to the admin side and how to create store

Accessing the admin side

In order to access the administrative side (a.k.a. the admin panel), you will have to be logged in and have created a store.
Once logged in, you will find the admin panel by clicking on the user profile circle on the bottom left-hand corner, this will open a left-side tab with the options to see your Orders, Your Account, Business details, Terms & Privacy Policy, Create Your Store, and Admin Panel.
The page that you see when you first try to enter the administrative page will ask you to confirm your password.

Create Your Store

You will notice an option that allows you to Create Your Store in the tab on the left. This will take you to the store creation page where you will be able to choose whether you want to present your products in a catalog or in an ordering system.
If you picked the Catalog mode, you will be able to upload all your products onto the marketplace and launch your store without having to set up payment methods, delivery methods, or price levels. We've taken out these settings so that you may have an active Catalog up and running quickly since customers aren't able to make orders directly via your store in the catalog mode.
However, if you pick the Store mode, we guide you through setting up your store in such a way that would allow your potential customers to place orders directly on the Nulisec marketplace.
In either case, you will be taken to the Company details section.

Company details

Prior to setting up your store, regardless if it's a catalog or an ordering system, we will need to verify your company details. The company ID is the numeric part of the VATIN (A value-added tax identification number or VAT identification number).
If the company managing the store is a different entity from the store that will be visible to users on the Nulisec marketplace. Then you may enter the managing/holding company details here.

Business Details

Fields with the Asterisk (*) mean that this information is required in order for you to proceed.
Clicking on the rocket button on the right of the Company ID field will automatically fill in the rest of the information based on your company's records in the public registry.
While it is not necessary to fill in fields without the asterisk, the more information you provide the better informed the potential buyer will be and will more likely be willing to start doing business with you.

Store Details

Store details are not the same information as business details. At this stage, we are asking for the store name, store-wide currency, the department of your store (the category), and a description of your story and brand.
the currency with which your product prices will be visible to our users, the minimum order values, and all other related prices.
Once those steps are completed, you will begin the onboarding process.
If you are creating a store.
The onboarding process for the Catalog mode is different from the onboarding process for the Store mode. The difference being, in Catalog mode you do not have to fill in information about Delivery Methods, Payment Methods, Minimum Order, Price levels, and Pricing Policy.
The following pages will go into more details about each step in the onboarding process as they appear within the app:
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