New Nulisec 4.0 and its changes
The COVID-19 pandemic made us all realize how important it is to shelter in place and many businesses had to be closed to protect public health. These unprecedented times have forced many businesses to find ways to digitize quickly in order to stay in business. This is the reason, why we decided to speed up the improvement of our marketplace to be better positioned to help businesses move online even faster. As a result, our product has undergone the biggest design change in its two-year history.
We focused on our mission to make brands more discoverable and improve the online wholesale experience, this why we have added features such as brand pages and buyer's profiles. For the first time, we are giving our users a two way channel to interact with each other. For our sellers, we're introducing new ways to submit your digital brand pages directly to relevant category buyers. Consequentially, these upgrades make it easier for buyers to source new products online as well, increasing deal flow and autonomy over which brands to focus on. Our goal is to make Nulisec into a robust tool for both the suppliers and the buyers to transact online.

Changes to the sales side

Accessing the administration

The domain will become inaccessible starting June 1st, 2020, we understand that some of our suppliers were used to accessing and managing their stores through it. However, to make things faster and smoother, we made it so that the only way to access the administration as well as the ordering system is via After logging in, you will notice a new left-hand side panel in the marketplace, this is your navigation tab. At the bottom of this panel, you will see a small round button that will open up more tabs that will allow you to enter your store administration if you happen to have a store setup.

Two-step verification

We want to prevent unwanted access to your store administration, that's why we've added a two-step verification process, requiring you to login again to enter your store's admin side for the first time in any given session. In practice, this means that after clicking into the administration, you will be prompted to re-enter your password.

View and manage orders

Orders are amongst the most important things that Nulisec sellers manage. After logging in to the administration, you will find all the controls of your store on the left-hand side. You will be able to see your orders below the Sales Panel section. All orders placed at your store will be visible to you here. To view and manage the order, click on the arrow icon on the right.
Sometimes, you might have to click on the drop-down button in the Sales Panel to see the orders section.

Giving price levels to buyers

In the Sales Panel, you will also be able to view all the price requests that were submitted to your store. Here you will be able to view each individual customer that has asked for your prices. When you click on the customer (with the arrow on the right) you will see the options to either approve or decline this application. If you decide to give the user prices, you will have to select which price level you will assign to them. If, however, you decide to decline their request, you will have to select a reason for declining their application. In either case, after you decide on the reason and select the appropriate option we will handle the communication with the user on your behalf.

Changes for the shopping side

Search for shops and products

Our previous search functionality had several shortcomings, so we decided to prepare a new and improved search engine for you. However, this will take some time before we launch it to the public. Search is something we do not take lightly, that's why at the moment we are only making store search and then (product) search within stores available.

Goods in the basket

We've put your basket of goods in the left-hand side and made the checkout process much shorter for your convenience. Adding more quantity of items in your basket has been made easy with a dropdown. Checking out your order is also very simple. Our marketplace remembers your company details and shipping details so, after your first order, you will never have to enter your details again.
Your feedback is super valuable to us, as we work tirelessly to improve the product. So don't be shy and say hello at [email protected]
Last modified 1yr ago