Our pricing is simple. No hassle and no hidden fees. We verify everyone before they join our community by default, that's why you will not see any verified badges on our platform.
For category buyers, our platform is Forever Free, with all the insights, data, research and functions unlocked.
For brands, we also have a Forever Free plan that allows you to showcase your brand page to buyers, and/or create and launch a store to receive orders, upload as many products as you want, get approached by retailers.
We also built a Pro Premium plan for serious brands that want to standout and grow! You are able to utilize all the functions in the Forever Free plan, plus you will get to submit your brand directly to category buyers from the leading retailers, (if you have a store) you will be able to setup automations for product sync, access to market research data from specialists and see your profile insights.

For Brands

Forever Free
Pro Premium
Cost per year
Showcase your brand page to buyers
Sharing your brand page as a digital catalog to any buyer
Specialized platform for receiving orders (optional)
Unlimited product listing
Get approached by interested retailers
Submit brand to retailers
Automatic synchronization of product data
Market research data
Profile insights

For Buyers

Forever free

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