Bulk Ordering
If one of your main responsibilities is to order goods for your business and you are looking for a better method to do it, then you have come to right place.
We've all been there, placing orders and sourcing the right products is essential to the success of your company but all current methods are so archaic and slow. It makes this work...suck.
You have to get the right sales rep on the phone to be able to get your order in quickly or you will have to take out that catalogue and make an email order.
Searching and clicking on 100+ products to add them to your basket? No one has time for that.
You thought the only real options you have are excel sheets & emails or buy an EDI license. However, we all know that email is not a business system. Emails were meant for you to ask your spouse where they want to go for dinner.
Then you stumbled on Nulisec.
Where we've developed the Bulk Ordering function. So that people can make larger orders faster and more precise than ever before. It has been designed specifically for people that want to place a large number of SKUs in varying quantities into their order.

As efficient as excel and email for everyone

Many people - maybe even you - like placing orders via email using an excel file. This is a noticeable improvement for the suppliers that don't have any other methods of receiving electronic orders but were flexible enough to process your order in this way to save you time. However, those solutions (duct tape solutions, as we like to call at Nulisec) are perfect for disruption if a dedicated tech solution.

We love efficiency and speed too!

That's why we've built the method of placing orders using Excel right into Nulisec. If copy & pasting a list of products is still too slow then you can also import the entire excel file onto the marketplace using the Bulk Ordering function.
All you have to do is drop a file in the marketplace with the goods you want and the amount you want. We will grab those products for you and handle all the searching and clicking for you.
If you specify at which prices you want to make your order at, we will also be able to tell you if the product prices differ from what you wanted.

It's all done within milliseconds. Kind of like magic.

Ordering goods for your inventory should only take a couple of minutes. Especially if you are re-ordering goods from a long-time favorite supplier.
Last modified 1yr ago