Price requests
You entered a store, but all you see are products and product pictures but no prices or the add to basket button? Does your screen look something like this

Don't worry, this there is nothing wrong with that!

It is common practice to ask for a price list or a product list from potential suppliers after an initial meeting. This will usually be sent via email on an excel sheet or a pdf, and since we are designing our marketplace specifically for people looking to do wholesale business online, like yourself. We wanted to make sure that you still receive your personalized price list without the hassle of requesting it via email. That's why we've built the price request function right into our marketplace.
Unlike personal shopping that we are all used to in the B2C world, when you're purchasing goods for your warehouse, you want to make sure that you are receiving prices tailored to your purchasing potential, especially when you believe your business is able to generate large order volumes at competitive prices.
Did you ever think to yourself, "this should have been digitized by now" and made more convenient for buyers and sellers alike?

We had the exact same idea!

Gone were those days when you had to call with the sales reps. Gone were those days when you had to go to in-person meetings with the key account manager trying to strike a deal or sign a contract. We're here to change the game.

We present to you the Price Request function:

With our "Price Request" you will be able to connect and receive exclusive prices from all suppliers within a couple of minutes. We know your time is valuable, so we took care of all the meetings and phone calling beforehand.
After you submit your request for prices, it's up to the supplier to decide whether they would like to do business with you. There is also a chance that the supplier might decide to not give you any prices.

How do I increase my chances of getting the best possible prices?

The manufacturers want to know who they are connecting with.

This is your time to show off, tell the manufacturers as much about your business as possible. It helps to explain why you would like to work with them.

The better purchasing history you have the more likely you will receive great prices.

The more you purchase through the Nulisec platform, the better your track record. The more likely it is for the manufacturer to approve your request quickly and to award you with the best prices they have.
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