Generating sales with new potential customers on Nulisec
It's easy to setup a store with us, it's even easier to create new business relationships with our price inquiry function. But what do you do when your potential customer hasn't ordered anything yet?
We are here to help with that too!
One of the functions we have implemented in the Nulisec marketplace is for you to be able to set your minimum order value and/or your minimum order unit for your store.


There a couple of minimums that you will be able to set to better automate your sales process with your potential and existing customers.
  • Minimum order value
  • Minimum order unit
  • Minimum order quantity

Minimum order value?

A minimum order value (MOV) is exactly how it sounds like and you are probably already using this method within your company's sales strategy.
On the Nulisec marketplace you will be able to set your own MOV in the most important aspects of your business.
  • for the entire store
  • per price level
  • per shipping method

Minimum order value for the entire store

This is a global MOV that is visible to every user, regardless if they any prices assigned to them or not.
This MOV acts as a check to make sure that your customers are not placing orders below the value that you have set.

Minimum order value per price level

We have enabled you to be able to further personalize your business to your customers by allowing you to set specific MOVs for each price level. So, a customer with VIP price levels would be able to place an order with a different minimum order value than a customer with regular prices.
Changing the MOV for different price levels
This is especially useful if you would like to encourage your customers with special prices to order more to make it worth your shipping and handling costs.

Minimum order value per shipping method

In an attempt to help you better optimize your business, we have created a way for you to also set the MOV that needs to be met before a specific shipping method AND payment method gets enabled for your customer.
Can't choose own delivery because the minimum for that is €2000
Not only is this meant to encourage your users to create bigger orders but it will also help you optimize your margins so that you are not giving more value away than you want to.
This can be used in delivery methods AND in payment methods, as well.

Minimum order unit

There are some cases where it doesn't make sense for a business to have minimum order value but rather a minimum order unit. This states that a potential buyer will have to meet a certain minimum of a specified unit before they will be able to place the order with you.
MOU indicates whether a potential buyer has reached the requirements to be able to place an order
Looking at the image above, you will see that despite reaching the MOV of €1000, I haven't reached the MOU of 1000 pieces. Therefore, I won't be able to actually place the order with your business unless I meet both requirements set by you.

Accessible Minimums

While we do have all of these minimums implemented to help you maximize your value from using the Nulisec marketplace, your potential customers will not be able to start doing business with you if your minimums are set too high. Especially, the ones that have never purchased your brand or product category before.
That's it!
See you next time.
Last modified 2yr ago