CSV or Excel product files
An easy way to upload products using CSV or Excel formats
If you have product information on an excel file or you’re able to export a .csv file from your inventory management systems then we have built a very simple way for you to upload your products.
When you pick the I have an E-shop/SAP/ERP system with Excel export functionality or I have an E-shop/SAP/ERP system with CSV export functionality you will be prompt by a very similar suggestion to Fig. 2 in the I want to start selling on Nulisec pt.2. Feel free to click on the >Next step
Once, you are done with the onboarding process, you will land on the Dashboard page.
The best thing about the .csv or .xls formats is that you will be able to upload either of the two formats with a very similar method.
I will start with a walkthrough for uploading products using csv files. Therefore, if you have an excel file you may skip ahead to this part.

Uploading products using .csv files

First, you will need to know the names of the columns in your CSV files. This will be important to help our system properly map your file and upload the right information onto the product item.
Once you have your CSV file ready and you know the names of the columns used within the file. You're ready to configure our system to setup our system to receive your product information.
You will find the CSV/Excel Importer importing tool in the Store management window under the Automation section. Within that tool you will notice 3 main headers, Excel/CSV Importer and Need help setting up Google Sheets?
Open up the configurations page by clicking on the yellow Configure button.
Fig.1 Locating Excel/CSV product importer
Once inside the config. page, you will find 3 subsections under the main Excel/CSV importer space to help you set up your importer in the correct way.

Setting up the configuration page

The Supported columns should be viewed first as it shows you exactly how to write each part of the product information that we need.
The supported columns expanded
Right under the Supported columns you'll notice the Example table accordion which shows you how to apply those columns and sample data to go with it. I have uploaded the sample table data as a product for you to see how it will appear on the store page.
We used a price level called Default that's why there is a column named price.default
INSERT AN IMAGE OF THE PRODUCT PAGE of the chewing gum and explain the different labels and where to find them
Not all information will be visible right away. Some will be displayed in different areas of the product modal. For example, to view the description of the product, your visitors will have to click on the Read more button below the name of the product.
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